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01. Unscrew the two childproof caps on the bottles.

02. Add all of solution B (small neck) to solution A (large neck).
Warning: A strong odour will occur. Never inhale the gas before or after mixing.

03. Screw the cap back on the A-bottle and shake it gently. Place on a steady surface.

04. Open the cap half a turn. Wait 10 minutes before using the mixed solution.

Clean tank & water: 1 box of Xinix FreeBact Box 1: step 1-4 + 7-8
Clean tank, water & pipes: 2 boxes of Xinix FreeBact Box 1: step 1-6 Box 2: 1-4 + 7-8

05. Pour the solution into the tank.

06. Flush all pipes. Fill tank with water again.

07. Pour the solution into the tank. Wait 30 min before use.

08. Your tank and water (+ piping system) are now disinfected.


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