The devastation in Turkey and Syria is terrible - we are doing what we can; preparing orders from aid organisations to be sent down with military transport. Safe drinking water and surface disinfection for both the people in need and for the aid workers. 

FreeBact Water - Drink
(up to 50L)
- With this little bottle (50 ml) in the bag you get safe drinkingwater directly. To be dropped into your glass or mug. Drink after 1-2 min.

FreeBact Water - Tank (50-10.000 L)
Clean up the tank and get rid of unwanted biofilm – at the same time as you desinfect the drinking water. No need to refill with new water. Drink after 40 min.

FreeBact Surface - On The Go 
Perfect 50 ml spray to keep in your bag or jacket. Effective & easy-to-use disinfection for all types of surfaces. Spray your hands, handles, tables, fruit - and rest assured that you are not bringing unwanted bacteria or viruses with you.  

We have these products also with old design - same content (several years left until expire date) at production cost - to be shipped down asap.
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For more info download our product sheet "Xinix Emergency Products, Military & Civil"

The Xinix Team,


Xinix - Disinfection for Health

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  • April Fang:

    YOU did a lot of great job! Looking forward to join you together in future.

    Monat Datum Jahr

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