How your company can help

Our focus right now:
The people of Turkey & Syria

1. Order the Emergency Box with 56 bottles of Xinix FreeBact® Water, and Xinix will match with +1 more for every box sold.

2. Choose way of payment (invoice for companies available), 1400 SEK (incl moms).

3. Optional: Please state the name of the donor (in "Message"), and email your logo to

4. We will coordinate your order with the aid organizations we work with (MSB, our local reseller-agent on site in Turkey and more).

5. When we have sent your 1+1 box, you will receive a photo with your name/logo on - for you to be able to share with your employees and on social media (if you want). See example of image No 8.

6. Thank you for donating and helping!


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