"Xinix water treatment drops, are a product we’ve been using for more than two decades and we are absolute believers in.

We have raced in numerous countries around the world like China, Fiji, Borneo, Mexico, South America, etc. where water sources can be very questionable. Not once did I or my Adventure Racing teammates have intestinal issues when we have treated the water sources with Xinix drops. A few other key attributes of the product are the easy of use, just shake a few drops out of the Xinix dropper bottle into a bottle of water, shake it up and drink almost immediately, essentially no taste and no complicated or time consuming pumping of the water through filters that clog with sediment, etc.

There are numerous other uses for the Xinix drops, like sanitizing wounds or cuts, cleaning utensils and food you might wash to mention a few.
I won’t travel or go on adventures without Xinix, when I think there may be a need for these."

Mike Kloser
Recommendations from customers of Out There, one of our re-sellers:
"Love these drops. Been using these things for years. The Best...."

"Awesome product. I used these for a 5-day expedition race in PA, and as backup for a backpacking trip where we also brought a pump. Can't beat the ease of use, size, and weight. Great product!"

"A game-changer for racing... Used these over the course of a 5-day expedition AR and was very happy with the results. I brought a couple of bottles with me and, between wilderness water treatment and water from TAs, used about 1.5 bottles. The drops can be a little hard to see coming out of the bottle and take a good shake to let loose (bottle is glass and cannot be squeezed). Fits great in a strap or hipbelt pocket. Fast, easy, reliable - can't ask for much more."

"This is an awesome product! We used these drops to purify our water on the Expedition Canada adventure race. At times, our only water sources were stagnant ponds. The Xinix drops were quick and easy to use ... and most importantly, none of us had grumbly bellies as a result of drinking from dubious water sources! Highly recommended."
Kev H

"Full Confidence - No Stomach Issues. While picky with the waters in Fiji, I treated there and several lower elevation creeks in the western states with zero problems. Fantastic Product!"

"Simple to use, fast and effective. I've used them all over the world with confidence. Simple to use, fast and effective."

"FLORIDA TRAIL. I have been using these drops now for over 3 years and have never had any issues even in Florida waters. Fast and easy."

"Best product I have used... Must have for everyone..."

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