Aviator is one of our longterm clients and the leading provider of aviation services in 25 airports in 10 countries.

"Since 2018, Aviator has used Xinix FreeBact® Water chlorine dioxide solution for disinfection of fresh water for the airline departures it handles at Stockholm-Arlanda Airport (ARN). The same solution in a higher dose is also used for cleaning (monthly deep cleaning) of tanks in water trucks. 

Aviator also uses Xinix FreeBact® Surface for disinfection of connections between aircraft and water truck hoses as well as connections between filling point and water truck. 

The advantages that can be ascertained using Xinix products include the following: 

- High efficiency 
Since the introduction of Xinix products, no water samples have resulted in non-approved analysis results during controls. 

- Smoother handling for staff 
Xinix products are significantly more user-friendly than the previously used chlorine solutions (overchlorination). 

- Time saving 
A significant time saving has been achieved since Xinix products began to be used as the cleaning process goes significantly faster. 

It can also be stated that the monthly cleaning is significantly safer, which further reduces the risk of contamination in water systems, in both tankers and aircraft. 

Previously, physical cleaning, scrubbing was done at regular intervals to minimize biofilm build-up. This manual handling was time consuming and less secure." 

Roderick Engberg 
Safety Officer ARN / Safety Coordinator SE / Emergency Officer ARN

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