Eco-Challenge Fiji: Crucial Gear From the ‘World’s Toughest Race’
Gear Junkie
Josiah Middaugh: Team Out There

"Gear was a very important part of this race, and the key was traveling light. Transporting large quantities of water, if it is not necessary, is the most inefficient way to travel.

Since Fiji has plentiful amounts of water, we rarely needed more than one water bottle per person (the exception being our ocean segments). We crossed streams regularly, and for long stretches of racing, the actual river bed was the best route.

The key to this strategy was our water drops:
We used 
Xinix AquaCare drops (new name: Xinix FreeBact Drink), which was the quickest way to sterilize fresh water. Just a few drops to a water bottle, and we were on our way."

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