A selection of ours during 1992-2022

Customers, partners and lab testers alike agree;
XINIX products are superior to chlorine- or alcohol-based products.

Used today by leading companies, authorities, aid organizations and private individuals worldwide.

Aviation industry

The aviation industry in Scandinavia switched over to our products in 2105 and where we now have 95% of the market.

An ongoing project with Boeing and Airbus in collaboration with SAS where the goal is for our products to replace current chlorine products.

The airline industry has the toughest requirements in the industry - when they establish a product in their user manual for service and maintenance, it has been tested for years.

GMP – Good Manufacturing Production and SOP – Standard Operation Procedures are both protocols we developed in collaboration with SAS, Aviator and Menzies.

ISO certifications and further quality tests are currently underway.


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