XINIX has more than 40 scientific studies and tests from world-leading universities and laboratories such as Clancy, Johns Hopkins, London Medical school, Singapore University, Michigan State University etc.

6 st EN* standards.

A safe disinfection method to eliminate spore-forming bacteria.

Current ISO certifications and further EN tests.

* EN = European standards are a expression of requirements for products, processes or services to fulfill the requirement of suitability for a particular purpose, read more here.

Official tests

1981 Stability test– Water Laboratory, Sweden
1989 Escheria Coli – SBL Statens Bacteriologiska Labb, Sweden
1992 Escheria Coli – Gothenburg University, Sweden
1993 Corrosion test– Scientific Material Int ́l, Inc, USA
1994 Bacteria E-Coli and Others – Singapore University
1994 Oral Hygiene– The London Hospital Medical College Dental School
1994 Oral Hygiene– King ́s College School of Medicine & Dentistry, London
1996 Analysis of residuals – KM Lab AB, Sweden
1996 Product approval – National Institute of Hygiene, Poland
1996 Stability test – KM Lab AB, Halmstad, Sweden
1998 Water disinfection– The Water Programme, Environementek, CSIR, Kenya
1999 Halitosis (bad breath)– The Odontologist , Gothenburg University, Sweden
1999 Caries inhibitin effect – The Odontologist, Gothenburg University, Sweden
2000 Bacteria E-Coli and others - Johns Hopkins, University Boston, USA
2000 Vibrio Cholerae – Johns Hopkins University Peruana
2000 Salmonella thypi– Johns Hopkins University Peruana
2000 Shigella sonei– Johns Hopkins University Peruana
2000 Mycobacterium tuberculosis– Johns Hopkins University Peruana
2000 Giardia lambilia– Johns Hopkins University Peruana
2000 Esherichia Coli– Johns Hopkins University Peruana
2001 Abacillus subtilis, spores – SIK, Institute for Food and Biotechnology, Sweden2001 Polio Virus– Clancy Environmental Consultants
2001 Roravirus W.a– Clancy Environmental Consultants
2001 Klebsiella Terrigena– Clancy Environmental Consultants
2001 Polio Virus-Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene, USA
20 02 Giardia, Cryprosporidium cysts – Smittskyddsinstitutet, Sweden
2005 Surface tension at the surface disinfection – Electron microscope examination, Sweden
2006 Dental surgery protection – Dental Surgery, Pittsburg, USA
2006 Water disinfection – USACHPPM, USA
2007 Spore-forming bacteria – Batelle Memorila Institute, USA
2008 Bacteria E-Coli, contaminated water – Smittskyddsinstitutet, Sweden2008 Spore-forming bacteria, – USÖ, Örebro University Hospital, Sweden
Clostridium difficele
2009 Spore-forming bacteria, – USÖ, Örebro University Hospital, Sweden
Clostridium difficele, surface
2010 Clostridium difficile above + skin – USÖ, Örebro University Hospital, Sweden
2010 Hand sanitiser – MICAN Lab, Mölnlycke, Sweden
2016 Water disinfection – KEBS, Kenya Bureau o f Standards, Kenya
2016 Water disinfection – ONEP, Abidjan
2018 Virus, all kind Polio, Adeno, Noro. EN 14476  – Hygiene Nord GmbH, Germany
2018 Bacteria Enterococcus. EN 13727 – Hygiene Nord GmbH, Germany
2018 Bacteria Staphylococcus. EN 13727 – Hygiene Nord GmbH, Germany
2018 Bacteria Pseudomonas. EN 13727 – Hygiene Nord GmbH, Germany
2018 Yeast/Fungi Aspergillus. EN 13624 – Hygiene Nord GmbH, Germany
2018 Yeast/Fungi Candida. EN 13624 – Hygiene Nord GmbH, Germany
2018 Spore building Bacillus Subtilis. EN 13704- Hygiene Nord GmbH, Germany


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