It is safe to use Xinix products.

XINIX FreeBact® Surface  | Hand (former name XiniX HandDes) softens the hands and can be used 100s of times per day. You need very little, half the volume to disinfect your hands compared to alcohol-based products and it takes less than a minute.

Comparison of chlorine and alcohol-based products:

Water disinfection with chlorine products gives pools that smell of chlorine and water that tastes of chlorine - i.e. two examples when too much chlorine has been used. Chlorine in higher concentration forms THMs – trihalomethanes which are carcinogenic.

For alcohol-based disinfection products you must take at least 3 ml and let it work for at least 2 minutes. Different directives from different suppliers. The pumps that are mounted on the bottles usually do not give 3 ml. Alcohol-based disinfectant products can also lead to sore and strained hands, which in turn can cause problems with putting on protective gloves, as well as general discomfort.


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